Park and recharge

your electric scooter in the city


Guaranteed protection for the scooter during charging


Finding the nearest parking has never been easier


Book your station in one click thanks to the app

Pre-ordina subito la tua prima stazione di Lokit

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Pre-ordina subito la tua prima stazione di Lokit

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Who is Lokit for?

For those who use the electric scooter to go to work

For those who need to recharge the scooter during the day

For those afraid of theft during stops

Soon in your city!

Small device, great features

Fast charging

Safe parking

WIFI connection

QR Code Scanner

Anti-Vandal Technology

Integrated camera

Just a few clicks

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The Lokit app will be available soon for all mobile devices

Three Lokit app options: choose, book, park
Nice to meet you

Lokit Team

Gianmarco Padovano



Co-founder & CEO

Alessia Padovano



Co-founder & CLO

Mario Soranno



Head of Hardware Development

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Here are some of our most commonly asked questions about Lokit


How many scooters can a single charging station charge?

Our "wall-box" can charge up to 4 scooters at the same time. Our team is in constant communication with the main sharing companies on the territory and, with these, we are defining hotspots in different cities. The goal is to have more and more charging capacity.

Where can we find Lokit stations?

Lokit stations will be installed in the interior spaces of our partners, around the city. Search the app for the most convenient station for you!

Who makes LokIt wallboxes?

There is no product on the market that reflects the station features that Lokit wanted to bring to the market. For this reason, our team of mechanical, electronic and software engineers are designing, prototyping and currently producing the proprietary Lokit stations. The production is 100% Italian.

How green is Lokit station?

Lokit stations are powered by renewable energy, all components are recyclable. There is also the possibility to install a solar panel to make it totally self-sufficient.

How much does this service cost?

The rate for charging and parking of electric scooters is 1 euro per hour.

Do you want to install a Lokit Wallbox station in your place ?

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Facilitating technology.

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Promoted by EIT UM, partner of the European Union
Promoted by EIT UM, partner of the European Union

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